What Taylor Swift song is most appropriate for a sexism presentation?

Answer hmmm,that tough but maybe brought up that waychangehauntedinnocentthe moment i knew

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Every time a Taylor Swift song comes on the radio do you change the station?

I do as well, I'm not a fan, she's switched to pop & I hate pop so yes.

Who do you like better Taylor Momsen or Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift is more talented and quite the business entrepeneur. Taylor Swift is much more classy and respectable. I like Taylor Momsen I just think she is too over the top. I think Taylor Momsen ... Read More »

What year Was Taylor Swift on American Idol?

She was in American Idol in 2007.Taylor Swift WAS NEVER ON AMERICAN IDOL! ! Her friend Kelly Pickler was. Taylor made her mark in Nashville at the age of 13.

What is the Taylor Swift and other Radio trivia for 11/2/2012?

KUPL 98.7 PDXWednesday 11/1/12 Tiktak Words7 - TURKEY8 - NASHVILLE9 - CMA10 - HUNTER11 - BRAD