How to Be Like the Pussycat Dolls?

Answer The Pussy Cat DollsSo you want to be like a Pussycat Doll? No problem! This is the perfect guide.

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How to Dance Like the Pussycat Dolls?

The Pussycat Dolls in Böblingen.Have you always loved the way those dolls have danced while singing and just admired them so much?

How to Look Like Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls?

Nicole ScherzingerSo you want to look like Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussy-cat Dolls? Here is a few tips on how to get more like the lead Pussy-cat Dolls singer.

Greenday or pussycat dolls. which one do you prefer?

Don't you think the new pussycat dolls song is telling girls to do the wrong thing?

I do not care for them at all.But I don't blame them for anything.I don't see how any girl would be influenced by them.And I don't see why anyone would blame them.No one ever told these girls to do... Read More »