What is the meaning of Metallica's'Enter Sandman'?

Answer Considered by many to be Metallica's signature song, "Enter Sandman" went platinum and helped turn the band into worldwide stars. Its nightmarish lyrics, inspired by lullabies and real life, were w... Read More »

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Who is the"Sandman"in the Spider-Man series?

The Sandman, a villain in the Spider-Man series, is named William Baker; he is also known as Flint Marko. The Sandman first appeared in comic books in 1963, in Amazing Spider-Man #4. Actor Thomas H... Read More »

Who is the Sandman in the Spiderman series?

The Sandman from the Spider-Man comic book series began life as William Baker, a troubled child who spent much of his adult life either in gangs or in prison. In his first full-time criminal role a... Read More »

Who is Sandman in the Spider-Man series?

Sandman--a.k.a. William Baker, Flip Marko or Sylvester Mann--first appeared as a villain in Marvel's Spider-Man comic series in 1963. Sandman came to be when a nuclear reactor was set off near a be... Read More »

Who is the Sandman in the Spider-Man series?

Sandman appears in the 2007 movie "Spider-Man 3," played by Thomas Haden Church. Born in New York City, William Baker was "accepted by a gang that ran extortion and protection rackets" where he "ad... Read More »