What are the lyrics to?

Answer Deep in the meadow, under the willowA bed of grass a soft green pillowLay down you're head and close your eyes When you wake the sun will rise

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What do you think of my lyrics?

I'm really digging the lines "While your busy chasing trends I'll be chasing dreams". I could really relate to that. But is this a rap or rock ..? Also for the lambs part, why not say..."Try and t... Read More »

What are the lyrics to the roflmao song?

try google next time....…

What do these lyrics mean?

This shows ones sadness and pain they experience in life .

What is the lyrics to the epic of gilgamesh?

When you will study Mahabharat you will understand Gilgamesh well-gframesch.__________________The Epic of Gilgamesh is written as poetry that was probably originally intended to be sung as court en... Read More »