Anyone have Ting Mobile?

Answer I have 2 Galaxy II, one HTC slider Android, and one feature phone..all with Ting...Last months bill $ is that enough for was paying $160 to Verizon for two I will say th... Read More »

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What is Tung Ting?

Tung Ting, also known as Dong Ding, is a highly regarded variety of Oolong tea. It grows in the cool and foggy central mountain region of Taiwan and can be one of the more expensive teas available.... Read More »

Is Ting mobile any good?

I've been on Ting for 5 months and am so glad I switched from Sprint, they use sprint's network so check their coverage map for your area first. I pay on average $80 for a family of four and we all... Read More »

How to Play Ting.O (Tosh.O Bingo)?

The New Season of Tosh.O starts tonight, so why not make a game about it. This is a 5 player board game of Bingo except based around a Tosh.o Episode. It is a simple Drinking game that I recently c... Read More »

What do you think of my lyrics?

I'm really digging the lines "While your busy chasing trends I'll be chasing dreams". I could really relate to that. But is this a rap or rock ..? Also for the lambs part, why not say..."Try and t... Read More »