What Should Every Woman Have on Her Going Out Necessities List?

Answer Every woman has an item that she cannot be without when she goes out. This vital item and other necessities go a long way in making her feel comfortable anywhere by covering many possible scenarios... Read More »

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What must every woman know about doing laundry?

Divide your clothes into three loads: whites, darks, and brightsWhites you wash with ht waterDarks with cold water Brights with warm water.Thats basically it. Oh and I suggest you use colored blea... Read More »

Which incorrect lyrics do you STILL find yourself singing every time?

Instead of "Like a kiss from a rose on the grave" by Seal, I thought it was "A kiss and I rolled on the grave" and it still slips out sometimes. Another one is because I had a lot of gay frien... Read More »

Every woman please read this?

I think thats great that you would post this so that ppl will read it.Thanks haha i go to the gym everyday and i dont get out until like 10 pm so i always get scared getting back to my car so these... Read More »

Neglected Accessories Every Woman Should Own?

Giraffes are land mammals from Africa that are famed for their height. In fact, giraffes are the tallest mammals on the planet. The males can grow up to 18 feet tall. When giraffes are newly-born, ... Read More »