Lovers Cabins in Ohio?

Answer Lovers can find what they are looking for in Ohio, a state that offers beautiful scenery, culture, adventure and privacy for couples looking for a retreat. There are many places to stay in Ohio but... Read More »

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If someone is in graduate school in Michigan but claims her residence as Ohio and pays state tax in Ohio and her car is registered in Ohio can she buy auto insurance using her Ohio address?

why do you want to know this???????? Answer: Yes, if your residence is listed as Ohio and your car is registered in Ohio, you can buy insurance using your Ohio address.

What does a hawthorne bush look like?

It looks like a Raphiolepis shrub, because that is what "hawthorne bush" really is. It makes no sense for it to ever have been called that, there is no resemblance in leaf, flower, or fruit.There a... Read More »

Is a hawthorne shrub fragrant?

Hawthorn, or Rosaceae Crataegus spp., produces a stunning garden fragrance. This small deciduous tree or shrub typically blooms small, white flowers in mid- to late spring, depending on the cultiva... Read More »

How do I trim Hawthorne shrubs?

Remove Dead BranchesCut away dead or diseased branches from the shrub after all of the flowers have finished blooming. The Hawthorne (raphiolepis indicus) blooms in early spring. Mid to late spring... Read More »