What is the worst pain you can imagine?

Answer Loosing one of my children

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Imagine Dragons: Radioactive What do you interpret this song as?

I found it to be wannabe indie/hipster garbage when i heard it, before it became a hit, but I did know it was gonna become a hit. The media and mainstream fans love this crap.

Imagine You Had 20 Kids, What Would You Name Them Using These Letters?

Peyton MarieColter AndrewReagan Matthew (twin)Emily Michaela (twin)Caylee VictoriaOwen NathanielMollie AnnPreston Zaine (twin)Isaac Xander (twin)Delilah MackenzieAustin SamuelSeth BrandonEli TylerS... Read More »

Imagine this: You are driving down the road, and suddenly your brakes go out & you cant stop. What do you do?

Take your foot off of the accellerator and let the engine drag slow the vehicle as much as possible. Then pull, gently on the hand brake if you have one available, or press on the emergency brake ... Read More »

Can u imagine?

History will look back and be thankful for Bush's decisions in Iraq.