What kind of car does Hayley Williams of Paramore drive?

Answer A Reliant Robin.

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What does cactus use to breathe?

Cactii breathe through pores in their skin called stomates. These are generally closed during the heat of day to retain moisture and opened during the night to allow respiration to occur.

What do reptiles breathe through?

Reptiles breathe through lungs, as do mammals and birds. They breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Every reptile has a pair of lungs that are covered in alveoli, or air sacs. Respiration oc... Read More »

How to Be a Fan of Paramore?

Hayley Williams, lead singer of Paramore.Paramore is a band that sings songs in genres such as emo, pop punk and alternative rock. Their music is especially popular with pre-teens and teenagers. If... Read More »

Slightly sharp pain as I breathe. What could it be?

I know this might be hard, but you might want to consider quitting smoking.... I know you may have tried in the past, but you'll just have to try harder. This may be nothing serious, but it could b... Read More »