Can you name a song which has the word: "Life" in the title or lyrics?

Answer Obla-dy...Obla-da...da..da..da..da..da..…

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What is the theme song lyrics to The suite life on deck?

Come along with me, let's head out to see what the world has for you and for me, which Ever way the wind blows, we say hey ho let's go, oh oh oh, rocking the whole world 'round, we're living the su... Read More »

What is the lyrics of the Disney channel show 'Life With Derek'?

It used to be my mother and my sister and me, a happy little family, and alright with me. When mom got married, that's when everything changed. Some things were lost, and others were gained. A new ... Read More »

Is there such thing as Better Life the game like on Suite Life on Deck?

The game Better Life is only played on the TV Show Suite Life On Deck and is not a real game to buy. However, there are similar games in which children can play in virtual worlds such as Webkinz a... Read More »

Is the game Better Life from the Suite Life on Deck real?

No, there is no actual game called "better life", that was just used on the show. However, Better Life was based on a game called Second Life which is a 3D online chatting website. Check it out at ... Read More »