What do the white spots on your finger nails mean?

Answer Uh, ignore the kid who said it's glue.When you put an amount of pressure on your finger (i.e. hitting your hand against a piece of furniture), similar to a bruise. It takes a long time for them to ... Read More »

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White blob in the middle of my finger nails What does that mean?

Lack of calcium in your diet.They aren't permanent.

How to Strengthen Finger Nails?

Healthy and strong finger nails reflect how well we take care of our nails and hands. Weak and brittle fingernails are most often due to neglect. By protecting fingernails from environmental damage... Read More »

How to Tie Dye Your Finger Nails?

Ever wanted to have nails like the image below but thought it was too hard or tricky for a normal person to do?

How to Get Stronger Finger Nails?

Some people are born with brittle fingernails. Other causes for fragile or weakened nails can be due to conditions such as an overactive thyroid gland or psoriasis. Most nail problems are caused by... Read More »