What are the side effects caused from the long term use of taking doxycycline?

Answer i took that for a couple years and never noticed any side effects. You can always look it up on Read More »

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What are the long-term side effects of taking metformin tablets for diabetes?

Metformin, when used over long periods of time, may cause a deficiency in vitamin B-12. Normally, the vitamin B-12 levels should be monitored every two to three years. If you do have a deficiency, ... Read More »

Short Term Effects and Long Term effects on diabetes?

Short term effect are ;; fatigue ; feeling depress ; being thirsty ;; going to pee often Long term effect Damage to your kidneys ; to your eyes [ the mother of best friend became blind due to her... Read More »

term side effects Should I stop taking these?

I would highly discourage you from stopping these medications. Neither has any real long term side effects. You would suffer from serious urinary issues if you stop your omnic. Avodart for someone ... Read More »

What are some long term and short term effects while having the chicken pox for an infant?

It is better to take the child to the hospital. A temperature of 102 should not be taken lightly.