What are the limitations to analog video (LINKS)?

Answer here is one good link is one where you can ask for help. there is already some good help here…here is a 3rd one hope t... Read More »

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How can I convert analog video into digital video?

With the constant advances in technology today, finding yourself with outdated devices is a recurring problem. If you were like many with a passion for VHS tapes, there is a big stack of videos som... Read More »

What is the difference between analog and digital video?

The differences are basically the same as in Radio transmissions, IE,Analogue is the same as amplitude modulation & digital is Frequency modulation, They both use different frequency bands & the b... Read More »

How to Capture Analog Video?

Capturing analog video and converting it to a digital format eliminates the risk of losing the video's content due to tape degradation. You can transfer your analog video to a computer and either s... Read More »

How do I convert analog video to DVD?

Computer Video CaptureInstall a video capture card with its software and a DVD burning program on a computer that has a DVD burner. Use two compliant programs from the same manufacturer if possible... Read More »