What are the legal rights of the father of the fetus in Canada?

Answer What state do you live in?If you are you in Texas, try this website:

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Does an illegal father have rights to u.s born child mother is also a us citizen parents are not married does the father have legal rights to this child?

It depends.In pakistan, the father has the custody.In US, both parents would be considered for custody, however case is stacked against father from get go based on his illegal status in US. However... Read More »

What rights does an American father have to his child that was born in Canada?

None even if born here until granted anything by the courts, which are mostly unenforceable across state and international lines. see links

What legal rights does a 16-year-old father have to his unborn child?

Answer All minors who are believed to be the father of a child must present proof of paternity to the court before they can file a petition for joint custody or visitation rights. Such proof can o... Read More »

Does the father have legal rights if he is not listed on the birth certificate?

If the father of the child is not listed on the birth certificate, after establishing paternity, he can be added and establish his rights. The court will order him to take a paternity test to deter... Read More »