What are the legal rights of children to stay with step parents vs bio parents?

Answer None.

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Can a minor in Virginia choose to stay with step parent if parents are separating?

If the step parent files for custody, and the judge awards custody of the child to them.

Does a step father have any legal rights over step children?

Not specifically without clarification of the courts. Please see link below

If the parents rights are terminated and the children adopted what are the grandparents rights?

If the child was adopted after the parents rights got terminated I do not think that the grand parents have any rights. If the grand parents talked to the family that adopted the child I would thin... Read More »

Legal Rights for Parents With Students With Disabilities?

As the parent of a student with special needs, you are the primary advocate for your child. Several federal laws allow you to have a voice in arranging appropriate educational services. Although so... Read More »