What are the legal rights of 16 year olds?

Answer 16 year olds have basic constitutional rights. They don't have the rights that are reserved to an adult, voting, making a contract, buying alcohol, etc, etc. An adult is presumed to be able to ca... Read More »

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What are a 14 year-olds legal rights in NY?

They are pretty limited. Unless you are being abused, you are subject to your parents rules, the school rules and the laws of the community and state.

What is a 15 year olds legal rights when having a child?

The same rights as any other mother?Could you be a bit more specific and I will try to help more :)Answer:Everything regarding the child is up to you to decide, no one elses unless you can not prov... Read More »

What are a seventeen year olds rights when she is pregnant?

If they are at the age of adulthood which differ between states (16-18), they can decide everything if they live on their own. Otherwise they have to obey their parents. Their rights only concerns ... Read More »

What legal rights does an 18-year-old have?

AnswerIn most states an 18 year old is considered an adult with all the responsibilities of a citizen. Alcohol purchases are restricted in most states until 21.Alabama, and Nebraska is 19. Louisian... Read More »