What are the legal limitations for the number of people in a home?

Answer Ten year olds should get about 10-11 hours of sleep on school days or days they have to wake up earlier. On holidays and weekends, they should be allowed to stay up a bit later, maybe 30 minutes to... Read More »

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What is the statute of limitations for a home owners association to take action on a home owner?

The CC&Rs -- covenants, conditions, rules and regulations -- that govern an association have no time limit. They are perpetually in force until the association's board changes them or cancels them.... Read More »

When does the statute of limitations start for legal malpractice?

Statute of limitation laws for legal malpractice vary by location, but there are provisions for the statute beginning at either the date of discovery (if legal malpractice is found upon further rev... Read More »

Legal Protection & Credit Card Debt Statutes of Limitations?

If a creditor successfully sues a debtor, the court awards the creditor a court judgment--making it a judgment creditor. In many states, judgment creditors have the right to collect a debt via bank... Read More »

Are there limitations on the number of kids per section?

This is due to the amount of oxygen masks. You can only seat as many people in a row as there are masks available in the overhead compartment. Typically each block of seats have 1 extra masks, so a... Read More »