What are the laws on half sibling relationships?

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Is one sibling predeceases a parent do their children get half or does the surviving sibling get all the inheritance?

That would depend on either (a) a will, or (b) state laws of intestacy, or (c) both of the above. Generally: A properly drafted will gives instructions in that situation by making the gift per st... Read More »

Your Turn: Games to Foster Better Sibling Relationships?

As an English as a second language (ESL) speaker, you want to minimize language errors so that you can pronounce words properly in order to boost your speaking confidence and be sure others underst... Read More »

Sibling relationships are affected by age differe nces and birth order?

That's a very personal question that everyone should ask themselves before they go through the process of getting an abortion. It depends what stage of the pregnancy you're at as to how physically... Read More »

If a pair of sibling related by their half sister had sex what would the relation to the children and half sister be?

I am not exactly sure, but I would think it would be aunt.