What are the laws of attraction&repulsion?

Answer To find balance in your life, you must embrace both the law of attraction and the law of repulsion. You can limit your success in life if you focus on the negatives. If you are aware of the law of ... Read More »

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Congress passed five neutrality laws in the 1930s What did the passage of those laws indicate about US foreign policy?

I think you can find your answer here In the United States, there are three types of treaty-related law: * Congressional-executiv... Read More »

Does the military laws supersede civilian laws when it comes to filing a missing persons report?

Answer If the missing person is an active duty member of a service branch, yes, it does.

Are your brother in-laws or sister-in laws considered your immediate family?

Your immediate family is another way of describing your nuclear family. Immediately family is usually considered to be your spouse, children, and parents, but sometimes includes parents only if you... Read More »

Operates US coast guard enforcing maritime laws laws relating to high seas and conducts search and rescue missions?