What are the laws for child custody in California?

Answer eighteen years old.

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The California Child Custody Laws in Simple Terms?

Under California law, parents have the right to raise their children as long as they are fit parents. If they are not available or fit parents, then grandparents, other relatives or other caretaker... Read More »

California Child Custody Laws With Domestic Violence?

The laws in California require that the "best interests of the child" be considered when deciding custody issues. Prevalence and/or a history of domestic violence is one of the factors that must be... Read More »

What are Texas child custody laws?

See the link below for a simple summary. Aside from a few reference differences, they follow the same general rules of every state, with one big exception. Texas allows jury trials in child custody... Read More »

At what age can a child decide on custody in California?

A child can only decide on custody in California, and most other states, when he or she is no longer a child--at the age of 18. However, California and other states do take into consideration a chi... Read More »