What are the latest developments in babby-proofing a home.?

Answer Babbies are very small and flexible and can get in through the smallest holes. Plug holes in walls with steel wool and put towels under the door. Make sure all windows have well-fitting screens a... Read More »

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Is baby-proofing a home tax deductible?

Baby-proofing your home for your own baby is not an allowable tax deduction. If you are baby-proofing your home for your home day-care business, then it is an allowable tax deduction. A home day-c... Read More »

They need to do way instain mother>who give birth to 14 babby because these babby cant frigth back?

My moolies are on those 14 babbies when they decide to frigth back. That instain mother in alifornia wont know what hit her when her babbies are bigger. My pary are with the grandparents who are st... Read More »

What does it mean when your babby daddy comes home with penile polka dots?

Those are bindis, left over from beautiful collage girls in India.

After seeing "How is babby formed" do you refer to your baby as a babby?

Yes, I do all the time. I even tell my husband I am sorry for his lots when he complains about something. He gets so confused and I love it!