What is wrong if a Painkiller game shows the error 'directX file missing' when you try to run it but you have the latest directX 9c and the latest PC with 1 GB RAM and a 128mb video card?

Answer Reasons: 1. Your operating system isn't meet the requirements. Windows 95 and NT are not supported. 2. Your DirectX files is missing and corrupt. Solutions: 1. Redownload the DirectX 9.0c and i... Read More »

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Did Justin kelly of the latest buzz luved rebecca Harper of the latest buzz?

Uhmm in real life? no they actually had alot of fights lol but in the show he did you question is kind of confusing

How to Get Rid of Rumors?

While many people enjoy spreading rumors, most do not like to have rumors spread about them. Rumors can be very cruel and hurtful, whether there is truth to the story or not. If you hear a rumor ab... Read More »

How to Not Care About Rumors?

Few people manage to avoid gossip completely, and some would argue that people have always gossiped and always will. They may say that a little mild gossip is human and oils the wheels of social in... Read More »

How to Stop Rumors?

Scientific research is suggesting that the old adage - "Don't dignify a rumor with a response" - is bad advice. The way rumors were handled in the most recent American elections seems to back up th... Read More »