What are the job duties of a brain surgeon?

Answer Brain surgeons, or neurosurgeons, hold one of the most critically important jobs: they work every day to save lives. In addition to performing surgery, brain surgeons have a variety of other job re... Read More »

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How to Become a Brain Surgeon?

Learn how to become a brain surgeon to join an elite group of physicians and perform life saving work. Brain surgeons are special people who possess incredible courage, poise, patience and stamina.... Read More »

Job Duties of a Surgeon?

Surgeons are highly regarded professionals responsible for performing life-saving procedures such as heart bypasses and liver transplants. Job duties include preparing a patient's case history and ... Read More »

What is the yearly salary of a brain surgeon?

The annual earnings of most brain surgeons, who are more formally called neurological surgeons, are much higher than those of most United States occupations. According to a November 2009 survey by ... Read More »

What is the average annual salary for a brain surgeon?

Brain surgeons salaries depend on location. However, the average brain surgeon's or neurosurgeon's salary is above $184,350. The lowest ten percent of neurosurgeons make $116,560 a year. The highes... Read More »