What are the issues involved in substance abuse recovery?

Answer Just as substance abuse can be caused by a wide variety of factors, substance abuse recovery involves a number of issues in the user's life. These issues can range from the basic physical withdrawa... Read More »

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What are the benefits of substance abuse recovery?

Substance abuse takes a toll on more than just your physical health. It can also interfere with your emotional well-being and your relationships with other people. Addiction is called a family dise... Read More »

Is substance abuse genetic?

On One Hand: Genetic PredispositionThe online journal "Science Daily" reported in 2007 that a study conducted by researchers at Cardiff University in Great Britain concluded that family and communi... Read More »

How to Tell If Someone Has a Substance Abuse Problem?

Without catching someone in the act of using a controlled substance, there are signs that can suggest possible use. These signs can be physical and can vary depending on the substance being abused.... Read More »

How can substance abuse be prevented?

First don't use any substances wrong and don''t do drugs. Second choose friends who will encourage good things that does not involve substance abuse.