What are the instructions for remotes?

Answer here is how

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Instructions for rca remotes?

I can't figure this out for the life of me, -home theater- remotes - Rf/IR remotes.?

The client is a fool.The game system (a xbox or PS3) used to pull more power than a refrigerator. This means heat. Unless you install some sort of active cooling - the device is going to cook itse... Read More »

What to do if Wii remotes keep blinking?

The Wii remote allows players to access the Wii gaming system from Nintendo. While there are many varieties of Wii remote, the classic remote is a two-piece controller designed to interact with an ... Read More »

So many remotes. what to do with them Need Ideas!!!!!?

You need to replace the 5 with one universal remote. I suggest something like the Logitech Harmony 550 ... particularly if you can find it on sale (I got one for $50). There are many different Harm... Read More »