Do Alaska residents have to file an income tax return for Alaska?

Answer The state of Alaska does not have personal state income tax. Therefore, you do not need to file a state return or have state taxes withheld from your check if you work in Alaska.References:Alaska: ... Read More »

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What are your initials?

What do the initials LCD stand for?

Liquid crystal display (LCD) panels electronically display images, text, and video content. The thin LCD panels are used in electronic devices such as computers, cellphones, televisions, aviation i... Read More »

What do the initials ira stand for?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, IRA stands for an Individual Retirement Account which encourages long-term savings for retirement by providing a tax deduction for any funds deposited int... Read More »

What is the name for use of initials CIA?

probably not. you just need to pass a test to join