Where does guacamole come from?

Answer Guacamole, a dip and side dish made of avocados to which tomatoes and seasoning are added, originated with the Aztecs. They called it "ahuaca-mulli," meaning a mixture made with avocados, and ate i... Read More »

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How to Keep Guacamole Fresh?

If you've ever made your own guacamole, you know how frustrating it is to see your leftovers turn brown and then black overnight in the fridge -- even under plastic wrap. Here's a simple strategy t... Read More »

How to Keep Guacamole Green?

Guacamole on a mushroom base: YUM!!Don't you just positively hate it when your fresh guacamole turns brown? This guide will tell you how to prevent it.

How does one get guacamole out of a sombrero?

You need a straw, and a really good sucker.....err....vaccum type thing. Could be biological or cyborg in origin.

How to Preserve Guacamole?

There are a few things that can be done to preserve guacamole. It is so good that you really don't want to waste it by letting it go bad or even look bad. You want it to maintain its fresh green lo... Read More »