What are the ingredients of a duracell battery?

Answer none ya

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What is the difference between a duracell c battery and an energizer c battery?

Is Duracell an alkaline battery?

Duracell manufactures several types of batteries. They include alkaline and nickel metal Hydride (NiMh). The common "copper top" battery that Duracell is known for is an alkaline battery. NiMh batt... Read More »

Does Duracell make a battery charger?

Duracell produces a full range of battery chargers and rechargeable batteries. You can find Duracell battery chargers for AA and AAA batteries. Certain Duracell chargers can be powered by wall outl... Read More »

What battery last longest in a flashlight Duracell or energizer?

it would be duracell because i did a experiment on it for my science fair project.