What are the implications of Google pulling out of China..?

Answer See the following news from SC Magazine for IT Security Professionals:China's largest hacker training site shutteredAngela MoscaritoloFebruary 08, 2010Chinese police have shut down what is being ca... Read More »

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I am writing a book and I am using some of yahoo and google images .Is ther any legal implications .?

I know when I do competitions on we can "use" Images on Google as long as there is no face showing or we have a model release. I would say to be on the safe side, do not use a face y... Read More »

How to Go on Google in China?

Google, as with other sites, are banned in the People's Republic of China, or at least censored. This article shows you how to use the English language Google.

Why is google closing shop in China?

Because there was an attempted hacking into Google from someone located in China.

How can you use at and t ver iPad2 3G in China When I tried a 3G sim card of China Unicom it didn't connect to the Internet.?