What creature is sandy?

Answer Sandy is a squirrel who is good friends with spongebob who lives in a tree dome

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What kind of creature is sandy?

She is a really cool can climb nuts....and also store them for the winter. She is a SQUIRREL!!! But seriously, how did you not know that??

What is the origin of the name Sandy?

The name Sandy is used for both genders, but has become more popular as a girl’s name. Sandy was originally an English and Scottish nickname for Alexander, from the Old Greek meaning “defender ... Read More »

What is the meaning of the name Sandy?

The name Sandy has its roots in Greek, and it means "defending men." It is a form of the name Sandra. In the past it was considered a unisex name, but is used almost strictly for girls now.Referenc... Read More »

I've taken 13 tablets of Extra Strength tablets within 12 hours so far in 12 hours, what will happen?

this is perfectly alright. you are just killing your liver and probably doing untold damage to your stomach but since they can replace your liver and you can always go on a liquid diet go ahead an... Read More »