What are the healthy sex pauses for a pregnant woman?

Answer rear entry and spoon

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If a woman gets pregnant from a man with brain damage will the baby come out healthy and ok?

Answer It depends on what kind of brain damage the father has. If it was caused by trauma or non-congenital illness, there should be no effect in offspring. If he has a disease which can be inher... Read More »

What are the chances of the baby coming out healthy and ok if a woman is pregnant but the father has brain damage?

Answer It depends on whether the father sustained the damage through injury or illness. Answer it was by injury... a car accident

I am flying a pregnant woman and her husband to the US from Sweden and she's going to be 33 weeks pregnant when they leave how can I get her insured while she's here?

Does every pregnant woman's basal body temperature go up or is this just one thing that can happen while pregnant?

Answer It is standard. Your basal temperature initially lowers to indicate you are ovulating. A spike in temperature during the middle of your cycle indicates that you have finished ovulating.When ... Read More »