What are the healthiest lean pocket flavors?

Answer I'm going to go way out on a limb here :: there are NO healthy flavors!That junk food is SOOO over processed, and chemicalized with so many additives for things like long shelf life stability there... Read More »

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My favorite flavors are, chocolate and steak. What flavors are yours?

Funny you should ask! Fried Green Tomatoes, Cucumbers in Vinegar, and Sauerkraut & Winnies...Steak and white chocolate work, too.

What version of a Pocket PC or Windows Mobile for Pocket can I install on my Compaq 3955?

HP designed its Compaq iPaq 3955 Color Pocket PC for use with Microsoft Windows Mobile for Pocket PC 2002. Microsoft designed the operating system for Pocket PC operation and has not upgraded it.R... Read More »

Whatever do you keep in your Pocket ..and should you have a pocket protector for when you leave stuff in them?

Ewwwe you do laundry?Answer:I just washed a $10 bill it stayed together pretty well.

What is the healthiest food?

It depends on what nutrients you are searching for. Some would say proteins are the healthiest because they help you get muscles, some would say fats are the healthiest because they help you use nu... Read More »