What are the health risks for kids under 10 in using spas or jacuzzis?

Answer Answer The same as an adult. They could over heat. But a child won't notice the signs as easily. And possibly lowering the sperm count if they are in too long. To make it safer have a 20 minute... Read More »

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How many kids under 5 drown in pools and spas per year?

Almost 300 US Children Under Age 5 Drown in Pools and Spas Each Year. Veiw the upcoming pool

Are there health risks with using Frontline flea control on your pets?

On One Hand: Considered SafeFrontline (fipronil) for dogs is considered a very safe product for the control of fleas, eggs and larvae, as well as ticks and lice. Frontline is a topical product, app... Read More »

Styles of Beauty & Health Spas?

Spas for health and relaxation go back to ancient times. In Europe, the Romans built therapeutic bath towns in areas with natural springs and the history of mud-bathing is even older, practiced in ... Read More »

About Employment in Women's Health Spas?

Women's health spas include a variety of services catering to women's health and fitness. The most common are probably massage, facial and other skin treatments. Women's health spas also provide ac... Read More »