What are the headphones called with the b on it?

Answer Yes, I would imagine someone does. Try eBay.

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What is it called when you dj with no headphones?

What is that website called where listen to music and it has a person with headphones?

There is not really a way to fix blown earbuds unless you order new parts because they are just blown out. Its not like you could pop something back in to make it work again. With all the trouble o... Read More »

In Scream 4 what is the man character wearing he is in school and wearing headphones with a small camera attached What is the headphone camera what is it called and where can I get it?

I have a coat with places in the hood to put headphones what headphones can i put here for maximum sound?

Yes, you should try to wear earphones or noise-isolating headphones whilst drumming to protect your ears.