What are the headphones called with the b on it?

Answer Yes, I would imagine someone does. Try eBay.

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What is it called when you dj with no headphones?

Are they called headphones or earphones?

The most important first step in the process is to carefully set the camera down on a flat surface, pick up the instruction/operation booklet that came with it, and read the booklet. There's all ... Read More »

What are headphones that you plug into amps called?

Yes you can... i have them.. they work awesome.. i would suggest the app.. TruPhone.. its free.. and great you can connect with Skype, Aim, Google Talk, etc. Landlines, Mobiles, etc; are very low p... Read More »

What is that website called where listen to music and it has a person with headphones?

There is not really a way to fix blown earbuds unless you order new parts because they are just blown out. Its not like you could pop something back in to make it work again. With all the trouble o... Read More »