What are the harmful effects of teratogens to the fetus?

Answer Teratogens can result in several physical defects to the foetus

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What medications are harmful to the fetus?

Answer I am not an expert, but I remember throughout my three pregnancies being told that I may only take Tylenol products (even Tylenol cold or sinus products are okay). Any pharmacist would be m... Read More »

Is anemia harmful to the fetus?

On One Hand: It Will Not Harm the BabyIn a healthy, normal pregnancy, anemia will not harm your unborn child. The baby will draw from your iron reserves, even if you are low in iron. Your doctor ma... Read More »

Are cigarettes or marijuana more harmful to a fetus?

Smoking marijuana or cigarettes are both warned against during pregnancy. Both can cause low birth weight, though some studies have show marijuana to have a lesser effect. More studies are availabl... Read More »

Is a low blood count harmful for a fetus?

It is not good if your blood count drops below 30 percent. If your blood count is low, you can become iron-deficient and will have iron-deficiency anemia. Taking iron in prenatal vitamins or additi... Read More »