What are the harmful effect to a mother and her baby if the mother's blood count is low?

Answer Weakness, dizziness and loss of consciousness for the mother, intrauterine growth restriction and brain damage do to low oxygen levels for the baby. Keeping your iron (RBC) level normal during preg... Read More »

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Is a low blood count harmful for a fetus?

It is not good if your blood count drops below 30 percent. If your blood count is low, you can become iron-deficient and will have iron-deficiency anemia. Taking iron in prenatal vitamins or additi... Read More »

Can low white blood cell count be a side effect of the flu vaccine?

On One Hand: Not a Known Side EffectAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, low white blood cell count is not one of the side effects of the flu vaccine. The three main flu vac... Read More »

I am having a baby via surrogate mother do intended mothers get maternity leave?

Usually not. Maternity leave is technically medical leave. New mothers are out on leave for 6-8 weeks to heal, per the OB's orders. You would be entitled to 12 weeks of unpaid FLMA leave. Check wit... Read More »

If the parents' blood types are the same is it harmful to the baby?

Answer Once the pregnancy is established it is not harmful to the baby. The difficulty might occur very early in pregnancy as a new pregnancy is recognised as a foreign body by the mother and prot... Read More »