The signifiance of the old locks and lacks of guards in the palace of corrective detention in terms of What it sHows us of their society?

Answer no, the film was not based on one rescue svimmer, but all of them

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What are the coast guards that patrol likes called?

From the outside of the bow to the outside of the stern

There are two guards guarding doors One of the guards is guarding the door to heaven and one guard is guarding the door to hell The one that guards hell always lies what question do you ask them to?

Or ask: "If I were to ask the other guard what door was the door to heaven what would he say? Then once they answer pick the other door.

What is the outside Earth atmosphere called?

The furthermost atmospheric layer surround the Earth is called the exosphere. There are five layers of the atmosphere. The exosphere is the thinnest layer, and is where the atmosphere gradually giv... Read More »

What is the outside air conditioning unit called?

The outside air conditioning unit is called a condenser. The condenser works in conjunction with the indoor unit, or evaporator coil, to transfer heat from one unit to the other. Cooled air is th... Read More »