What are the grandparent rights?

Answer Depends on what state you live in. In VA Grandparents can have visitation rights just like a biological father, if they show they can and have cared for the child while in their care.................. Read More »

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What are your rights as a grandparent when a daughter wants to put a baby up for adoption?

Yes He Does If You Didnt File A Government Order For Him To Stay Away. If You Dont Want Him To See Your Child Then Go Get A Court Order.

Grandparent Visitation Rights in Virginia?

In Virginia, grandparents have rights to custody and visitation with their grandchild under certain circumstances. Primarily, a Virginia family court allows a grandparent to join a custody petition... Read More »

Oklahoma Grandparent Visitation Rights?

According to Oklahoma Statute title 43 section 109.4, grandparents in the state of Oklahoma have the right to petition the court for reasonable visitation to their minor unmarried grandchildren.

Can a grandparent get visitation rights with their grandchildren?

Briefly, all states require that the grandparents have the burden of proving the visits are in the best interest of the child. Be advised that when the grandparents are trying to wrest control of g... Read More »