What are the good and bad things about using Skype on your computer?

Answer Very simple download program add contacts and start talking to friends & family. Its great program and the best thing about it >>> ITS FREE

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How do I get my computer--like the things i write in, to stop suggesting things?

This is a functionality of not only the browser that you use (which you did not tell us the brand or version level), but also the web pages that you visit.When it concerns web pages, that usually i... Read More »

Can I use Skype on a Mac computer?

Yes, Skype is available for Mac users. Users can make both Skype-to-Skype and video calls and they can send and receive instant messages for free. International calls and 24/7 availability are incl... Read More »

Can skype cause computer problems?

On One Hand: Skype Taxes System ResourcesSkype relies on a global peer-to-peer network to connect users to make video-enabled phone calls without cost. To accomplish the transmission of high-bandwi... Read More »

How much memory does my computer need to run Skype?

Skype 4.2 (the most recent version as of July 2010) for Windows requires 256 megabytes of RAM memory to install and function properly. For Macintosh, you must have 512 megabytes of RAM in your comp... Read More »