What are the germs that cause 'good' breath?

Answer There's good bacteria....maybe that's what you mean...and acidophiles is found in yogurt with active cultures...the yogurt sure helped my dogs bad breath...

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_____ proteins that attack and kill or disable specific germs that cause disease?

Things That Cause Bad Breath?

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What can cause bad breath in babies?

Well, if you give your baby milk or another drink (excluding water) or feed you baby food , well lets face. You don't brush hers or his teeth. It's the same thing with us. Or it could just be morni... Read More »

What is the ingredient in hand sanitizers that kills germs?

The germ killing ingredient in hand sanitizer is ethyl alcohol at a high concentration (62 percent in one sanitizer). This high concentration of alcohol kills almost all germs on the skin in as lit... Read More »