What are the geographical limitations with joint custody?

Answer Geographical Limitations Almost any significant "change of circumstances" can require you to go back to court, if you can't work it out between you.

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How can you get joint custody or physical custody when mother has sole custody of child?

There is a difference between physical and legal custody. The court can award joint legal custody to the parents and determine that one parent will have physical custody. It can also award joint ph... Read More »

If you have primary physical custody and joint legal custody do you have move rights then the parent that does not have physical custody when it comes to the best interest of the child?

Answer yes and no. joint legal basically means the other parent can get any and all legal info on the child such as medical records, school records and of course anything legal or court related if... Read More »

What are the odds of a judge not granting geographical limitations if you move to a different city in Texas 600 miles away with no family or support there but the father is active and not married?

Answer There are not laws prohibiting the non-custodial parent from living wherever they so choose. The difference in living locales is seldom a factor when visitation is granted; it does mean the ... Read More »

When marrying a man who lives in another state what are your chances of lifting the geographical limitation on child custody arrangements?

Answer Very difficult, but possible. You would need to discuss this with your lawyer. If the children have a good relationship with their father, then it would be immoral for any judge to allow yo... Read More »