What are the geographical limitations with joint custody?

Answer Geographical Limitations Almost any significant "change of circumstances" can require you to go back to court, if you can't work it out between you.

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What are the odds of a judge not granting geographical limitations if you move to a different city in Texas 600 miles away with no family or support there but the father is active and not married?

Answer There are not laws prohibiting the non-custodial parent from living wherever they so choose. The difference in living locales is seldom a factor when visitation is granted; it does mean the ... Read More »

If the mother has sole physical custody and shares joint legal custody with the father the two never married if the mother dies can her husband who is not the baby's biological father assume custody?

Biological Father Gets Custody No, unless the baby's biological father relenquishes his parental rights, he would get custody of the child if the mother dies, not her husband. The biological father... Read More »

If you are seeking sole and primary physical custody of your infant is 3 and one-half days of visitation with the father considered joint custody?

Answer The extent of a parent(s) custody rights are determined by a court order. The ideal situation is for both parents to reach a workable, amicable decision. The time that is spent with a parent... Read More »

If a mother with a child enters rehab to fix her problems can the father get full custody where they already have joint custody?

It really depends. I think that the mother and father should have full custody. I say this because the mother is doing this to get better, for the benefit of her kids. Some might argue that she sho... Read More »