What are the functions of the skin pore?

Answer Within the epidermis are what's commonly known as "sweat glands." Within the microcosm of the surface of the skin, our pores express the ultimately complex functions of maintaining fluid levels, ma... Read More »

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Reducing Skin Pore Size?

Some people are born with perfect skin, while others suffer from problems such as large or oversized pores. Genetics plays a part in this as does oil, dirt, debris or anything else trapped inside t... Read More »

Directions for PCA Skin Deep Pore Treatment?

PCA treatments offer solutions to skin-related matters like aging, acne and sensitivity. Pores on the skin are caused by heredity, puberty, oily skin, dirt and poor feeding habits. You cannot do aw... Read More »

How to Prevent Pore Blockage on Sensitive Skin?

Many teenagers and adults experience acne symptoms as their pores become clogged. Pores can become clogged when your hormones produce too much sebum, an oil that moisturizes your hair and skin. Por... Read More »

What Are the Functions of High Frequency Skin Care Equipment?

Despite their design differences, the underlying functions of high frequency skin care machines are the same. These machines have a high rate of oscillation and produce heat. High frequency skin ca... Read More »