What are the functions of plant parts?

Answer The plants of a garden may have different blooms, leaves and colors, but all of them have basic parts and systems in common. Each plays a role in providing nutrition, growth, reproduction and other... Read More »

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What are the functions of the parts of a plant?

From Baby's Breath to Sapphire Dragon Trees, and from the forest to the desert, there are plants everywhere. Even though they are all different in size, shape and color, all plants have the same pa... Read More »

Parts of a Window and Their Functions?

No matter the type of window, all windows feature similar parts. The overall function of a window allows for the penetration of light into a building while maintaining a barrier to outside elements... Read More »

Functions of the Parts of a Steam Flat Iron?

Irons, used to press the wrinkles out of clothes with the use of heat, have been around for centuries. While they continue to follow the same basic operating process, modern irons incorporate steam... Read More »

Interior Parts & Functions of Steam Flat Irons?

Steam flat irons contain a few unique features which allow you to straighten hair with the use of water. Two different steam irons exist, one requires water to create the steam and the other straig... Read More »