What are the functions of elastic knee braces?

Answer Elastic knee braces are stretchy braces that go over your knee and help give it support. There are several different kinds of braces used for different functions.TypesThere are four different types... Read More »

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Braces with colorful elastic bands/simple metal braces?

I had braces too, long time back. I had gone for simple metal braces because I never really liked them and getting colored woulda simply looked more dramatic! Go for simple ones as long as you don'... Read More »

Question about elastic with braces?

You don't want your braces off until it is time and your teeth are perfect. You paid good money for the braces and should have wore your rubber bands like you were supppose to. Wear them 24/7 onl... Read More »

How long does it take to get use to my elastic bands on my braces ?

It's recommended you keep them on for 24 hours. I'm surprised that you can even take off your elastic bands as I can't take them off. Also, during the first couple days or a week, it will hurt but ... Read More »

I have 3/16" elastic "rubber bands" for braces?

Completely right :)Went through this as well.