What are the functions of cake flour in baking cakes?

Answer While many cake recipes call for all-purpose flour, there are recipes that call for cake flour. Affecting everything from texture to volume, cake flour is used for a variety of reasons.DescriptionA... Read More »

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What are the functions of flour in baking?

Most baked goods call for flour in one form or another. It may be cake, bread, all-purpose or even self-rising flour. Flour serves many purposes in baking depending on the recipe.Body and Structure... Read More »

I'm baking a birthday cake for a woman and i have the two round cakes done, but where do i get a...?

make a mold...using the equipment God gave you...that ought to ensure its large enough to satisfy her(((Cassie)))he really knows how to whip his cream, doesn't he???

Calling all cake baking connoisseurs!! How do you ensure that your cakes are moist?

Mostly I think you need to post the actual recipe as it sounds like it may be something other than a traditional sponge type that is naturally "cakey". Cakey would be like a box-mix type cake, one... Read More »

Can I substitute wheat flour for white flour in baking?

It depends - hard whole wheat flour has a high gluten content so is what should be used for bread-baking. The soft wheat flour is lower in gluten (and protein) - this one can be used in pastries, ... Read More »