What are the functions of an o2 sensor?

Answer Factory-set fuel to air mixture ratios in car engines have given way to computer-controlled, constantly monitored fuel/air ratios. An oxygen sensor uses the exhaust-gas temperature to help the engi... Read More »

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What Are the Functions of a MAP Sensor?

Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensors are a common counterpart to fuel injection engines. Fuel injection engines vaporize fuel by pumping fuel into the engine under high pressure. The MAP sensor... Read More »

What Are the Functions of a Knock Sensor?

When considering installing an after-market fuel pump, care should be taken to make sure it is a direct replacement for the existing pump. Fuel pumps on late model vehicles have a specific volume a... Read More »

What are the Functions of a Speed Sensor?

From the speedometer to the cruise control to the transmission, the data collected by speed sensors affects the operation of multiple systems functioning within your car. In fact, many systems rely... Read More »

What Are the Functions of a Speed Sensor on a Car?

Unlike the first mass-produced cars of a century ago, cars today have advanced control systems that are computer dependent. Being computer dependent, more and more information about how the car is ... Read More »