What are the functions of an iPhone 4?

Answer The original 6 SMS tones for iPhone 4 before the iOS 5 update were bell, chime, electronic, glass, horn, and tri-tone.

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Will all functions work in unlocked iphone?

Yes, and unlocking it allows you to use other service providers.

Why has the iOS 4 update to the iphone 3 GS worsened its functions?

Im sure many of those sites are scams, but not all of them are. They usually make you fill out surveys and stuff. No one is going to just hand you an iphone if you dont do something to help them out.

Can anybody give me any valid info on the iPhone 5 release date,pictures,functions E.T.C?

Apple iphone5 release date of September 12th 2012think you!

How to update camera's softwareEarlier it has many functions.But after giving to the repair many functions ar?

You go to the cameras internet site. Look for firmware updates for your camera. Download and install as per their instructions.