What Are Four Types of Paragraphs?

Answer Paragraphs are very important tools for writers. Having logical and well planned paragraphs helps keep a story readable and interesting, and allows your readers to easily follow along with your sto... Read More »

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What are the four types of child abuse?

Physycal abuseEmotional abuseSexual abuseNeglet

The Four Types of Oceanographers and What They Do?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) includes oceanographers within its classification of geoscientists and states that oceanographers "use their knowledge of geosciences, in addition to biology an... Read More »

What Are the Four Types of Nonverbal Communication?

Nonverbal communication relays a lot of how we feel at that moment. Our words may say we accept a situation but our eyes, our body gestures and even tone of voice often qualify our verbal response.... Read More »

What Are the Four Types of Partial Reinforcement Schedules?

Reinforcement schedules for behavior refer to the frequency with which a student receives reinforcement (or a reward) for performing a desired behavior. On a continuous reinforcement schedule, the ... Read More »