How Do I Cut Corners with a Miter Corners Coping Saw?

Answer Cutting inside corners when you're doing floor trim can be tricky. A basic 45-degree miter cut of the two boards that meet in the corner should work in theory, but in reality that corner is often n... Read More »

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How to Fix Cab Corners?

One of the weakest points of a pickup truck is the lower rear corner of the cab. It is always the first place to rust out, because the vehicle is exposed to water and road salt at that particular l... Read More »

Where is Four Corners in the U.S.?

Four Corners is the only place in the U.S. where you can be in four states at one time. The state lines of New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Arizona converge in a remote area surrounded by Navajo land... Read More »

How many corners does the tetrahedron have?

A tetrahedron is a polyhedron, or three-dimensional solid, that consists of four triangular sides joined to create a pyramid-shaped solid. At each corner, three of the four sides meet, and there ar... Read More »

Four Corners in Teaching?

Four Corners is a game about opinions and beliefs and justifying these qualities. There are many advantages to the game. The Four Corners game can be used with all age ranges, grade levels and subj... Read More »