How many heart chambers do reptiles have?

Answer Reptiles, such as lizards and turtles, have either a three- or four-chambered heart, depending on scientific interpretation. One school of thought says that reptile hearts have two atria and one pa... Read More »

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Can a newborn live using just two heart chambers?

This is really a question you need to ask the doctors.

What four things do ufeel before heart attack?

1- discomfort/ uneasiness in mid chest.2- shortness of breath (pain in chest increases on movement).3- perspiration.4- restlessness with radiation of pain to shoulders, or hands.

Four valves in the heart and its location?

The four valves in the heart are:--* The two atrioventricular (AV) valves, which are between the atria and the ventricles, are the mitral valve and the tricuspid valve.* The two semilunar (SL) valv... Read More »

How to Properly Split an Aspirin Four Ways for Heart Health?

Many people are prescribed 81mg or 82mg aspirin each day for heart health. However, those heart-related aspirins can be rather pricey. For about 1/10th the cost, you can make your own - but there's... Read More »